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Oh boy, ma08 is back with some new stuff.

Youtube Floater

I am back to subject you with some more obscure stuff. As obscure as it can get. This is more of documentation than communicating my thoughts with the rest of the world. With the self deprecation out of the way, let's get to the point.

The Insanity Of Sanity

As usual my hypothesis that I write stuff like this at times when I definitely should be doing something else( like meeting deadlines) has become true. I got so much to do but I gotta "write" too.

Never Go Full Localhost

The title should have been something like

Never go full localhost when deploying.

Xkcd Lock Using I3lock And Xautolock

One thing I have just observed is, whenever there are a bunch of assignments (or various academic chores) to tend to, a sensor in my brain goes off saying,

Man, I really should write an obscure blog post which has no use to anyone whatsoever!

Working With Vim On Google Drive Via Fuse

This one's going to be a short one (I can sense the relief) regarding mounting Google Drive on a linux machine and using it to read/write.


On the back of a terrific semester and midst an extremely productive vacation, I am back to subject you to more seemingly intelligent drivel. This one's not going to contain technical mumbo-jumbo meaning you have one less excuse to run away.

Tiling Window Managers

I am delighted to inform you that my last post on selecting an optimal proxy server had such an impact that the CIC guys have decided(conspired) to introduce a single load balancer to make sure that people wouldn't run my script and thus saved mankind from potential doom. Nice work CIC!!.

Optimal Proxy Chooser

I am back to outdo myself at presenting another pointless bash script which has the potential to be a disgrace to the programming community. Maybe this will serve as documentation on how one can get carried away while writing code.

Books I Dig

So this one's going to be about books. If literature is not your thing, maybe staring at this post might not be the best way to pass your time. But if you would like to try some day, suit yourself. I read fiction mostly. I tried non-fiction but never really got into it. Many have tried to make me read inspirational propoganda like A monk who sold his ferrari, you know the kind. Fortunately, I never gave in. So I will give you my favourite fiction works and let you decide.